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Bus 110 Open

The bus 110 Open is a vehicle double-decker discovered that visit nearly 40 places of high tourist interest in Rome.When the weather is good the top looks.

All the buses 110 are equipped with the hostess, who narrates in different languages the history of the places through which the bus goes by.

The sightseeing buses, 110 Open in Rome have a route that starts in Piazza dei Cinquecento (on the side of the Termini Station and has the following stops (take into account that the route may vary on holidays):

Quirinale (Palacio Quirinale)
The Coliseum (The Roman Coliseum)
Bocca della Veritá (Mouth of Truth)
Piazza Venezia
Piazza Navona
San Pietro (St. Peter's in the Vatican)

Piazza Cavour
Ara Pacis
Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)
Via Veneto

The bus 110 has a frequency of approximately 10 minutes and operates from 8:40 am until 7:40 pm. The entire walk in two hours. Below, you can see a map of the normal route of the service developed by Trambus S. p. A.:

Map bus Rome

Tickets can be purchased at Termini station (Piazza dei Cinquecento) and aboard the bus but with a price a little higher. The price is 16€ but you can get a discount of 10% if the booking is made online on the website of Trambus . It is also possible to purchase an integrated ticket which includes the tour on the bus 110 and the Archeobus for 24€. The holders of the Roma Pass only have to pay 13€.

Archeobus in Rome

This special service also from the Piazza dei Cinquecento (at the side of Termini Station) and visit several points of archaeological interest in the southern part of Rome.

The vehicles used for the tours of the Archeobus are smaller than those of route 110, have a single floor, they are uncovered and are just as comfortable.

The route starts in Termini Station and there are vehicles in service from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. The ride, which lasts two hours, includes the historic centre of Rome and continues up to Villa dei Quintilli to the south of the city. All vehicles are equipped with systems of headphones that offer descriptions in 6 languages across multiple on.

The price of a single ticket valid for a whole day for the Archeobus is 13€. You can get a 10% discount if you reserve on the site of Trambus. The holders of the Roma Pass pay only 8€.

Among the important places to visit the Archeobus will find the Bocca della Veritá (Mouth of Truth), Circo Massimo (Circus Maximum) (only in holidays), the Catacombe di San Sebastiano and the Acquedotti (aqueduct), among many others.

You can see this map prepared by Trambus S. p. A. that shows the route and stops of this service.

Map buses Rome

Bus Christian Rome

This is a relatively new service since it was inaugurated in April 2005. This route follows the main points christians of rome in a bus, double-deck color white with gold.

This walk is primarily geared to tourism, religious and believers, but that does not mean that any tourist will not be able to enjoy the service. The bus Christian Rome is ideal for those who are interested in visiting the most important churches and basilicas for their artistic and historical value (and obviously also for the christian faithful).

Buses leave every hour from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm from the Termini Station and a few stops are the following:

Santa Maria Maggiore (Basilica)
San Giovanni in Laterano (Basilica)
San Clemente (Basilica)
San Pietro in chains are univocal (Basilica)
Porta San Paolo
San Pietro in Vaticano (Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican)
Santa Maria in Aracoeli (Church)

There are two lines and 41 stops in total, you can see a map on the site of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, and details on the lines here. For current prices and more information contact directly to the ORP. Tickets can be purchased in Piazza dei Cinquecento (at the side of Termini Station) from where the bus part.