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Taxis in Rome

It is usually said that the taxis in Rome are very expensive and that taxi drivers always try to cheat. Although these topics always give much to talk about, have a lot of reason.

Rates of taxi in Rome.

  • Flag-down days of 6-22h: 3€.
  • Flag fall holidays from 6-22h: 4,40€.
  • Flag-down night: 6,50€.
  • Price per kilometre (rate 1): 1,15€.
  • Price per kilometre (rate 2): 1,25€.
  • Price per kilometre (rate 3): 1,50€.
  • Supplement for each additional piece of baggage (including a passenger): 1€.
  • Supplement by phone request: 3,40€.
  • Time to wait: 26€.

If we compare the prices of the taxis in Rome with Madrid, we can see that they are slightly higher and that the lowering of the flag is also more expensive. When compared to Amsterdam or Florence, in Rome the prices are much lower.

Seeing the rates you can say that a path normal to the center of Rome has a price of between 7 and 10 euros.

Careful with the scammers.

Rome is a city where taxi drivers have special fame of scammers, not only with tourists but also with the own romans. I give you a few tips for you not to be deceived:

  • Fares to the airports are defined by law: 48€ to Fiumicino and 30€ to Ciampino. These prices are valid for four occupants with their luggage. If they try to cobraros more you denying yourself.
  • The price for going from Termini to any point of the city should be between 7 and 16€. It is always good to try to know minimally the path that you should go and make sure that where you stop is where you wanted to reach.
  • The first thing to not be deceived is to choose a taxi correct: you must ride in a taxi correctly identified, which is white, with the sign on the roof and a taximeter in the interior. Take only taxis that have the phone number labeled on the exterior, this indicates that working in an agency.
  • The mount can point the license number of the taxi driver, is indicated in the rear seats of the vehicle. With this number and the company phone will be located.
  • If at the end of your journey none of this works and you believe that you are cheating, do not let yourselves be intimidated and call the Carabinieri. It is always okay to ask for a receipt and, with the above data, to claim in the company.

Taxi companies.

Although it is cheaper to take a taxi at the designated stops or by the streets, it is possible that on occasion you may need to ask for a taxi. I give you the numbers of some agencies:

  • Radio Taxi: 06-3570
  • Pronto Taxi: 06-6645
  • Other companies:
  • 06-5551
  • 06-4994
  • 06-4157