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A network of metro in Rome , small but complete.

The metro is one of the means of transport most popular of Rome, even though it only has three lines passing through about 60 miles of pathways throughout the city. Opened in 1955, it is the underground network of more small of all Europe. Many travelers are wondering how a city with millions of inhabitants, such as the Italian capital has a larger infrastructure. The explanation of the slowness in the construction of new lines is simple, each time you carry out new excavations appear archaeological remains, ancient to stop the works.

The three current lines have major stops that connect to many points of interest. For example, the line color is orange and allows travelers to get to monuments as important as the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish steps or the Vatican City. On the other hand, the line B is blue in color and has stops near the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Finally, line C, which is of green color, it is the most urban of the three and covers the area east of the city.

Map of the metro in Rome

Map metro Rome